Tuesday, October 5, 2010

UGH. just get out of my head. you don't need to be there.. so why are you? i need to get over the fact that, you couldn't care less about what i do now & you couldn't care less about me. that's why you ignore me, why it's such a hassle to talk to me, when i needed so badly to see you, you didn't even care. you actually have no idea, how useless and pathetic you make me feel. just saying. well. i really don't like being a door mat. it hurts like hell being walked all over. you ignore me when your with mates. but then when we're left alone, you feel like you have to talk to me. anyway. i know nothings changed for you. you still get drunk and have mint friends to hang with. so you wouldn't come close to what i'm going through. oh well. 'i didnt mean to hurt her' HA, your honestly kidding right? pretty much all you intended to do.

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