Monday, December 27, 2010

MEMORY. ♥ - Decemeber 9th 2010

..picked miss amy wheeler up from waterloo station with amy and joe. we put the roof down so amy's (harrisson) car looked like a convertible officially. wheeler (other amy) came over to the car. wheeler: 'why the bloody hell do you have the roof down? it's FREEEEZING!' me, joe and amy: 'ohhh.. did we not tell you, the car doors are completely broken..' wheeler: 'how do i get in then.. ?' joe: 'you might have to do like a run up and jump in, like.. dukes of hazzard type styles maybe?' wheeler: 'i'm NOT doing that! i'll look like an IDIOT! piss off. i'm not doing that' me, amy and joe: 'then how are you going to get in..' wheeler: 'f f f f. okay. i'll do it. okay. i'll run back here. okay. omg. this will look stupid.. okay' wheeler runs back to give her self lots of room, she then RAN all the up to the car, jumped onto the outside bit, flipped in and fell on joe who was sitting in the back sit. we have all never LOLed so much in our lives. as we drove to strike.. me, amy and joe: 'oh yeah, btw amy, the doors weren't broken..' hahahahahaha. i la ya miss amy wheeler ! ♥

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